The Complete Guide to Google’s 30th Anniversary PACMAN Doodle

Guide to Google's 30th Anniversary PACMAN Doodle

Excellent moves, champ. You’re playing Google’s 30th-anniversary Paceman version of the iconic video game PACMAN. As you might expect, this version of the game differs from the one you remember playing in the 1980s.

Google’s Doodle team has created a special version of PACMAN with several bespoke levels and surprises. It’s intended to commemorate Google’s 30th anniversary and will only be accessible to play on May 22, 2020.

Don’t worry if you’ve never played before or if it’s been a while since you last played PACMAN. We’ve got you covered. We’ll walk you through the special Paceman 30th-anniversary version of PACMAN in this guide, so you can get in gaming condition and make sure no ghost escapes your path.

Recognizing the PACMAN Doodle

Do you recall the first Google Doodle? It was a traditional Pacman game, and it was released on May 21, Google’s Paceman’s 30th anniversary. The Pacman Doodle was created to commemorate the classic arcade game, first launched in 1980.

So, how exactly does it work? Several of the features will be familiar if you remember the original Pacman game. You control a yellow creature whose mission is to consume dots while avoiding monsters. In this case, though, Google has selected prominent places worldwide to serve as the gaming field. While you travel the world eating up dots and fighting ghosts, you can visit cities such as Paris, Tokyo, and New York.

The goal of this special edition is nearly identical to the original: eat all of the dots and harvest fruit for bonus points. Four special treasures are buried within each level that, if found, can help you go farther in the game.

How does Doodle play?

Welcome to PACMAN, the classic 1982 game that has been around for generations.

Google created this interactive Doodle to celebrate its 30th anniversary. It’s time to start the game.

To play Doodle, just type “Google Pac-Man” in the search bar or click on the Doodle itself. Then prepare for some action. You are soon confronted with the familiar landscape of a labyrinth filled with wandering little yellow ghosts and fruit. Use the arrow keys to control Pac-Man and navigate levels. Your task is to eat all the pellets and fruits without getting caught by the ghosts that end the game quickly.

Hitting a power pellet temporarily turns pesky ghosts blue, allowing you to devour them while they flee in fear. Ready? Sentence? 

Game features

PACMAN Doodle was designed as a tribute to the classic arcade game released in Japan in 1980, and Google’s version has some great fun and educational features.

two-player mode

You can choose to play with friends who add competitive elements. Only some people can be top scorers, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun!

multiple levels

You will also advance to higher levels as you progress through the game. Some are easy, and some are more difficult. If you know how the game works, you can improve your skills and become a PACman Pro.

easter egg

Google Doodle contains some funny, beautiful moments, and memorable for those who pay close attention. There are hidden traits like fruits that unlock new secret levels when eaten. Who knew playing video games could be so beneficial.

This Google Doodle is a great way to have a little retro fun and learn something new. what are you looking for? Get out there, play, and show off your best PACman skills!

Strategies for Achieving AIl High Scores

If you want to score even higher on his PACMAN Doodle on Google, consider strategic tactics to get there.

First of all, it’s important to understand the game’s controls. As your PACMAN avatar moves through the maze, you can control it with the four arrows on your keyboard. The left and right arrow keys move Pac-Man left and right, and the up and down arrow keys move Pac-Man up and down. 

Try Controlling Your Fear

As a widespread rule of thumb, gambling PACMAN no longer attempts to be too terrified of the ghosts! The intention is to live far from them as lots as possible. However, keep their presence from paralyzing your development in the sport. Remember, they’re simply as terrified of you as you’re of them! When a ghost is close by and inner your electricity pellet perimeter, it is your second to capture, manipulate and opt for huge factors.

Always Look for Open Spaces

When navigating your manner via the maze with PACMAN, look out for open areas that you could use to cover or escape. Be aware of where every ghost is placed so you can live out in their manner simultaneously as accumulating all to-be-had pellets. Furthermore, avoid getting caught in tight corners, so it is easier to make speedy getaways while necessary.

Look Out for Double Points

Also, watch out for bonus dots scattered at some point on the sport board – they imply double factors if eaten via way of means of PACMAN! And at the same time, as they do not provide a big bonus in line with, say – they do upload up quite fast if accumulated extra frequently through gameplay. 

Accessing Doodle’s Secret Challenge

Are you ready to take on his secret PACMAN challenge? To access them, first select the secret cake among the regular ones.

Take steps. Once that’s done, just follow these simple steps:

1. Collect the first 30 fruits in the game (all cherries and apples count towards this)

2. Consume a special fruit before collecting the last fruit

3. Survive 2 minutes or more after eating a special fruit

4. Collect all remaining points without slipping

5. Enter the secret challenge level with the key in the middle.

6. Don’t forget to collect the key before killing the ghost.

A total of three different secret levels are accessible, offering increasingly difficult combinations of ghosts and corners that become increasingly difficult to survive. 

Final Words

What an exciting time to be part of the Google family. The PACMAN Doodle is one of many ways the tech giant is celebrating the 30th anniversary of his Paceman. Join the celebration this year by playing this classic arcade game.

Since its May 22, 2010 debut, the PACMAN Doodle has been a source of nostalgia for many. You can enjoy the game even more with the help of this guide. Whether you’re an avid player of the original arcade game or just want to have fun with friends, PACMAN Doodle is for everyone. This is a great way to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Google Paceman and all the hard work that went into making the tech giant the world-renowned brand it is today. Get ready to party and join the PACMAN Doodle.

When was Google’s 30th-anniversary PACMAN version released?

It was released on May 22, 2020.

What is the goal of the game?

The game aims to eat all the dots and harvest fruit for bonus points while avoiding ghosts.

What are some features of Google’s PACMAN Doodle?

It has a two-player mode, multiple levels, and hidden easter eggs.

How do I access the personal challenge in the PACMAN Doodle?

First, collect the first 30 fruits in the game. Then, consume an exceptional fruit before ordering the last fruit, survive 2 minutes or more after eating an exceptional fruit, collect all remaining points without slipping, and enter the secret challenge level with the key in the middle. Don’t forget to collect the key before killing the ghost.

How do I control PACMAN in the game?

You can control PACMAN with the four arrows on your keyboard. The left and right-hand keys move Pac-Man left and right, and the up-and-down arrow keys move Pac-Man up and down.

What are some strategies for achieving high scores in the game?

Try not to be too scared of ghosts and stay away from them as much as possible. Find open spaces to hide or escape, and collect bonus dots for double points.