Datadog Alternatives for the 21st Century Office



Datadog has been a popular choice for this purpose for a long time. It has many features that can be used to track performance, troubleshoot problems, and improve user experiences.

Businesses may, however, seek alternatives to Datadog that better suit their unique needs. In this piece, we’ll look at some good alternatives that businesses in the 21st century might want to think about.

10 of the best alternatives to Datadog for modern businesses

Old Thing

New Relic is a strong alternative to Datadog that can be used to watch and analyse applications and infrastructure.


Dynatrace stands out as a monitoring tool that is powered by AI and does a great job of giving automated insights into how applications work and how users behave.

Application Dynamics

AppDynamics is now a part of Cisco. Its main focus is on business analytics and tracking the performance of applications. It gives full insight into the performance of applications as Datadog, how users interact with them, and the health of the infrastructure. Businesses seeking in-depth views should consider AppDynamics because of its advanced features, which include code-level diagnostics and business transaction monitoring.

The story of Prometheus

Prometheus is often chosen by businesses that want an open-source alternative. Prometheus is a powerful monitoring and alerting system for containerized apps and cloud-native environments. It was made by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.


Splunk is a good choice for current businesses because it has many features, such as log analysis and correlation.


Grafana is a flexible option for businesses looking to build custom monitoring solutions thanks to its community-driven plugins and integrations.


Zabbix is a mature, open-source monitoring tool that lets you keep an eye on networks and applications, get alerts when something goes wrong, and see what’s going on. It gives detailed information about how the different parts of an IT setting are working, which helps businesses keep their systems healthy and available.


It lets businesses keep an eye on hosts, services, and network devices and send alerts when something goes wrong. Because Nagios can be changed and has an ecosystem of plugins, businesses can make their monitoring setup fit their needs.

SolarWinds SolarWinds provides a suite of monitoring and management tools that are intended to improve the efficiency and security of IT environments.


Sensu is a scalable platform that offers monitoring and telemetry options for environments that are both cloud-native and hybrid. Its focus on event tracking and automation makes it easy for businesses to find problems and fix them. Sensu is a good choice for current DevOps teams because it works with infrastructure as code (IaC).