How to Use Coin Tumbler, Bitcoin Blender, and Bitcoin Mixer on

What is a “tumbler” for Bitcoin?

A Bitcoin tumbler is a service that aims to increase the privacy and transaction anonymity of Bitcoin transactions. It is also called a Bitcoin mixer or a cryptocurrency tumbler. It works by mixing a user’s Bitcoin with Bitcoin from other users, making it difficult to trace a single coin’s original source.

For example, if User A and User B each send 2 BTC to the mixer and Person C sends 0.5 BTC, the coins from Person C are mixed with the coins from User A and User B. Then, person C gets a small amount of the BTC from A and B back. This means that it is no longer possible to trace the person who actually owned the coins that C received.

What are some benefits of using a bitcoin tumbler?

Being unknown

Anonymity is an important part of Bitcoin transactions from because it ensures that the user’s personal information is kept private. Transactions in Bitcoin are recorded on a public ledger called a “blockchain.” This means that anyone can see the history of transactions for a given Bitcoin address. This can be a problem because it can show what the user is doing with their money. Anonymity benefits are provided by a Bitcoin tumbler, also called a Bitcoin mixer, which is a solution to this issue. Some of the benefits of using a Bitcoin tumbler are listed below:

Hiding the source of funds: A Bitcoin tumbler can hide the source of funds by mixing them with funds from other sources. This makes it harder for anyone to trace the funds.

Transaction history can be hidden with a Bitcoin tumbler: A Bitcoin address’s transaction history can be hidden with a Bitcoin address. This is done by mixing the funds with other funds and sending them to a different address.

Privacy: A Bitcoin tumbler can give the user more privacy by keeping their identity separate from their financial activities on This is accomplished by mixing the funds with funds from other sources, making it difficult for anyone to connect the user’s identity with their financial activities.

Keep your transaction history from being found

When using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, it’s important to know what a transaction history is and what risks it might pose. Every transaction made using Bitcoin is recorded on a public blockchain, which means that any Bitcoin wallet’s transaction history can be traced back to its beginning. This can be a big problem for people who care about their privacy and security, because it can let other people see their financial information

You can hide your transaction history with a Bitcoin tumbler, which is also called a Bitcoin mixer.

Here are some of the benefits of using a Bitcoin tumbler:

  • Increased privacy is provided by using a Bitcoin tumbler, which ensures that your transaction history cannot be traced. This means that your personal information and financial information can’t be stolen or used in a bad way.
  • Using a Bitcoin tumbler, you can ensure that your Bitcoin coins are not susceptible to theft or hacking. Your Bitcoins are mixed with those of other users in the tumbler, making it difficult for cybercriminals to steal your funds.
  • Anonymity: Using a Bitcoin tumbler ensures that your transactions can’t be tied back to you. This means that when you use Bitcoin, you don’t have to worry about giving out your personal information.
  • Flexibility: Bitcoin tumblers give users more control over their transactions by allowing them to select an output they want to ensure the desired change.

Security from hackers

Using a bitcoin tumbler is a good way to avoid being hacked in more than one way.

  • First, it can help keep hackers from finding out the address of your bitcoin wallet. If a hacker gets your wallet address, they can track your transactions and possibly steal your coins. By using a bitcoin tumbler, your transactions are mixed with those of other users, making it difficult for hackers to trace the source of the coins back to your wallet.
  • Second, a bitcoin tumbler can help you avoid getting phished. Hackers often use phishing attacks to steal login information and other sensitive information. Your transactions are mixed with those of other users when you use a bitcoin tumbler, making it difficult for hackers to specifically target you with phishing attacks.

Transactions are kept private

Bitcoin transactions depend on being private. Despite the widespread belief that Bitcoin offers complete anonymity, transactions are recorded on the public blockchain, leaving a digital trail that can be traced back to the owner of the Bitcoin address. The development of Bitcoin tumblers or mixers, which break the link of a transaction and make it impossible to trace the Bitcoin wallet that was used to deposit the coins, is a result of this privacy vulnerability. To ensure transaction privacy in Bitcoin transactions, using a Bitcoin tumbler like Coinomize is essential.

Lower fees for doing business

When using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, transaction fees are a very important part. Miners who process transactions and add them to the blockchain are paid these fees. The faster the transaction is processed, the more money you have to pay. High fees, on the other hand, can be a problem for both individual users and businesses. Here, using a Bitcoin tumbler can be helpful. Here are some ways that using a Bitcoin tumbler can lower transaction fees:

Bitcoin tumblers have fees that range from 1.5% to 5%, so users can choose a fee that works for them.

The tumbler can reduce the size of your transaction and the fees that come with it by mixing your Bitcoin with Bitcoin from other users.

You can also choose a longer transfer delay with a tumbler. This can lead to lower fees and more privacy.

For both individuals and businesses, lower transaction fees can have big benefits. When businesses pay less in fees, they can make more money and offer more competitive prices. Individuals can save more money and make more transactions with the same amount of Bitcoin if the fees are lower.

Better protection against hacks and cons

Using a bitcoin tumbler like Coinomize can make security against hacks and scams a lot stronger. Because transactions are recorded in a public blockchain and can be traced back to the user via their wallet address, cryptocurrencies only provide a partial level of anonymity. Third parties can use this flaw to track and link data, which could put funds and privacy at risk. is the most popular bitcoin tumbler. Here’s how to use it?

Step 1: Pick a method for mixing your Bitcoin

To keep one’s privacy, mixing Bitcoin must be done in a safe and reliable way. makes mixing Bitcoin easy and quick. On, one must first ensure that they are on the right domain before choosing the right method for mixing Bitcoin.

Step 2: Put your coins in a bank

Follow these easy steps to put your coins on

  • Visit the website using one of the suggested domains or the Tor browser.
  • Choose the coins you want to mix and make an order by putting in the destination’s address, choosing the service fees, and choosing how long the transaction should take.
  • After you make your order, Coinomize will give you a unique deposit address where you can send your coins.
  • Send your coins to the address given and wait for one confirmation from the blockchain.
  • Your incoming transaction will be shown on the payment page once your payment has been confirmed.
  • The “Order Status” page will let you know how your transaction is going, and your mixed coins will be sent back to your wallet address in a single transaction with no personal information attached.

Step 3: Write down the Order number you used to get into the service

Follow these easy steps to save the order number you used to get into the bitcoin tumbler service:

  • You will get an order number after you place an order. Copy and paste this number somewhere safe, like a note-taking app or a password manager.
  • You can also keep the Letter of Guarantee for yourself.
  • Always give your order number, Letter of Guarantee, or deposit address when you contact support. This will make it easy for the support team to find your order and give you the help you need.
  • It’s important to keep the order number because it serves as proof of your transaction and lets you check on the status of your order at any time. It will also help you get in touch with support quickly and easily if you have any problems with your order.

Step 4: Keep an eye on how the mixing is going

You can check the status of your order at any time by going to the “Order Status” page on the Coinomize website to keep track of the mixing process when using Coinomize, the most popular Bitcoin tumbler.

This will show you the current status of your order, including the amount of Bitcoin number of recipient addresses you chose.

Step 5: Get your Bitcoins in good shape

being mixed, the fee and mixing time you chose, and the

It’s important to use clean Bitcoins if you want to keep your privacy and anonymity when using Bitcoin. Follow these steps to make sure that the Bitcoins you get after using are clean:

Connect to a Tor browser and make two wallets. Use the first wallet to send the Bitcoins you want to mix, and the second wallet will receive the Bitcoins that have been mixed.

Send the Bitcoins you want to mix to your first wallet, which shouldn’t have any transactions or links to you.

Visit, type in the Bitcoin address of the person you want to send money to, choose the service fee, and set the transfer delay time. The better your Bitcoins will be cleaned, the more of the service fee you pay.

Send your Bitcoin to the mixer after making your order, and wait for blockchain confirmation. will then send your newly mixed Bitcoin to your second wallet. You can use this wallet to pay for things online, send Bitcoins to other people, or withdraw Bitcoins to your bank account through an exchange.

By using, you can protect your identity and increase your anonymity when you use Bitcoin. For the most privacy, make sure to use a VPN or proxy, as well as a Bitcoin Anonymous Wallet and an email address. Try today to get clean Bitcoins and enjoy their benefits.